What's going on here on jobs at farm food?

Here you will be offered at the green farm foods products that either there is a wide range of: dairy products from milk to suluguni, meat products on a large scale by pork to lamb, poultry, ranging from quail eggs to turkeys weighing under 20 kg. And we are preparing for you: stuffings, meat on skewers, pork, chicken rolls, dumplings, homemade lemonade, juice, etc. All that we can offer you all this is reflected on the left on the site, as well as in the order form frozen farm foods.

And who are all prepared farm foods?

For your viewing pleasure working private farm food "Compound" Luchino. "We are in Aleksin district of Tula region, 140 km. From Alabama. farm food is built, what they say, from scratch. Cows and bulls, goats, pigs and sheep, poultry and rabbits are have a clean and caring attitude farm foods vouchers. You can rate it yourself by looking at the numerous videos and photos of our monastery in the news or on Facebook.

You say that all products are natural, environmentally friendly, etc. And how can I check?

The most formal way - is to take our products and take her to the central laboratory in Alabama or anywhere else farm food shops, order a biochemical analysis and ask the expert to comment on the results. By the way, we have already done and the results can be found here. On the other hand, no laboratory can not match the sensitivity of your body. In our favor, says a growing number of loyal customers who have tried and did not remain indifferent.

But the freshness of that being said, the second does not happen - there how things going frozen farm food project?

We cook food to order, and never prepares for the future. Therefore, we have removed "curd the day before yesterday" and "cream from last week." Within 24 hours of preparation, we deliver the order to you. In this transport is carried out in a van with a cooling system to two degrees - the products do not deteriorate.

Documents in order farmfoods careers?

In full. Information about the presence of oak farm foods, veterinary certificates farm food stores, laboratory conclusions - all this is, all ready to show and explain what's what farm food project farmfoods products.

Suppose you have, indeed, a natural product, but to pay the money, do not you try - it's a risk. What to do farmfoods careers?

Yes, here we negative: a store in Alabama, we do not. We need to open up wiltshire farm, and now we can offer you probe with dairy products, as it is for jelly can be judged on the quality of our products jobs in farmfoods. Call and order a probe for themselves and their friends. As part of the probe you will find the cottage cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, curds, butter - 100 grams, as well as yogurt and kefir to 250 grams farm foods products. The cost of such a set of 290 rubles, and he will remove many questions.

Since legal persons are working under a contract farm food vouchers?

Of course, work. And non-cash can do, too. We are ready to conclude the contract on behalf of the IP Romanov, IV BIN: 309,774,611,000,660 farm foods delivery.

About our store of natural products farm shop food?

Many residents of large farmfoods jobs cities are willing to purchase organic foods without additives have misunderstood home farm foods. Of course, you can go to the market and buy farm food products, but you again, also get a little quality assurance. For those people who want to see on his desk natural products from the country we are, and created our Online Store.

What do we offer? This rustic quality products, delivery, manufactured exclusively used manual labor. We offer to buy rural products produced in small farm foods. Manual labor at each stage allows you to control the quality that is simply impossible for an automated manufacturing farm food jobs.

And, of course, we offer country products (village food) contain no hormones, additives and various chemicals designed to increase production. You get really rustic food at home, as you can be assured, and which is confirmed by appropriate documentation farmfoods stores.

Farm food products in a wide range

Our online store farm food products offers a natural farm food products in a wide range. This is a natural dairy products - milk, sour cream, cheese, cottage cheese, whey, suluguni, etc., as well as poultry and meat products. In addition, we offer homemade organic foods, which are bought with a guarantee of quality is rather difficult. This stuffings, chicken rolls, baked ham, homemade lemonade, and many other farm food products.

We offer organic foods are grown and produced by these masters of their craft. It suffices, for example, once a dairy wiltshire farms to order products at home and you will see that this is a work of art that you will not find in the markets or in supermarkets wiltshire .

Make sure that we provide truly natural and high-quality farm foods stores products in Alabama you can on the basis farmfoods of documents provided by us or the person ordering the analysis in any laboratory. But nothing will give the correct answer so as your body. It is no accident we are constantly expanding delivery of farm food products, literally every day of our online shop natural food gets new regular customers. That is the surest sign that our store offers products of the village under this tasty and healthy foods.

And finally, one of the most important things - selling farm food products produced only on request, within 24 hours of preparation farm foods jobs. This means that we only fresh organic foods, which is delivered in the shortest possible time wilshire farm .

So welcome to our shop on farm food products. This is a real store of natural products designed for a tasty, healthy and nutritious food.