Yam Cha my favorite food.

Can any food touch your heart? Move so that its consumption will turn you into a daily ritual, akin to the morning exercises, getting used to that and once passed it, you'll feel deprived of a charge of vivacity for the day.

Chinese rice, rice for risotto The Chinese believe that maybe ... "touch the heart", "heart touching", "slight heartbeat" and even "Lighters soul" - this is the poetically translated from Cantonese phrase "dim sum".

A little history

In fact, dim sum (or dim sum, dim sum) - The world's first fast food. The concept of "dim sum" goes back to the ancient traditions of Cantonese "YamCha" (yum cha) - «a cup of tea," speaking English. | Tired travelers, wandering over the vast expanses of China, or peasants, in between the exhausting work, needed a place where they could relax a bit and quench the thirst of freshly brewed tea. Since on the roads of ancient China began to appear so-called "tea house".

However, first used together with tea any food was not accepted: it was thought that leads to obesity. Later, however, noticed that the tea, on the contrary, only aids in digestion, and the owners of "tea" began to offer a variety of light and, most importantly, quick snacks, which visitors are not naturally opposed. Then, and this phenomenon was born - dim sum - a kaleidoscope of small snacks, which is accompanied by Chinese tea at the beginning or middle of the day.

How to start a day

Day begins with a modern Chinese newspapers, cigarettes and dim sum. Once opened, "tea houses", but they open very early, within the immediately sold out: loud voices blend with the sound of instruments and tea rustle of newspapers, the ceiling soars cigarette smoke, eating a queue - nothing to lose, sometimes you have to discard propriety and work hard elbows.

And the hall, as if on a winding river junks, skillfully maneuvering between the tables waitress with shopping carts loaded with high towers of the small bamboo steamers. Usually we arrive scrip served in tiny portions steamer, sieve (in the case of the dumpling, then they put only 3-4 pieces), which allows fully enjoy a variety of snacks offered. A visitor takes what he has attracted and held out a special check on which the waitress put the appropriate stamp and the visitor pays for it all at once, but leave the institution.

And, of course, tea: pour it constantly and without reminders. This is the usual picture of the "tea house", where the Chinese are working refuel with food and news before work or relax during a break, and retirees spend their leisure time, remembering his youth, and gossiping. An incredible variety of There are thousands of varieties of dim sum and, of course, in different cities and provinces in China have their favorite species. For example, in Shanghai - is Xiao Long Bao - ravioli stuffed with a unique form of pork with lots of broth, or their version of a huge Pelmen no meat, just filled with broth, which consumed a cocktail straw.

In Chaozhou - Chiu Chow Fan Guo - rice dough dumplings with pork, peanuts and mushrooms. In Guangzhou ... And yet, in Canton, the home of dim sum, to such an incredible number - from fried dough wrapped in lotus roots to the young of the beef dumplings scars - that provide a certain kind of becomes very difficult. And yet, despite this diversity, there is indisputable favorites, popular throughout the country. In the first place - is the famous "transparent" with shrimp dumplings - Har Gow, card dim sum. The dough for them are made from wheat starch, and is used for filling large pieces of shrimp, mixed with raw bacon and bamboo shoots. "Semifinished products" give a crescent shape and steamed. Keep up with Har Gow of popularity and Jiao Zi. This is what we mean by ordinary dumplings: filling, it is most often pork with vegetables wrapped in thin unleavened dough at Yum Cha Home. Most often, Jiao Zi boil for a couple or roasted from all sides, but sometimes just a boil. Shao Mai - small, open top with pork dumplings in a thin shell of unleavened dough.

Of not "pelmeneobraznyh" snacks can be distinguished background Chuang - "phoenix claws" is chicken feet, which are fried in oil, then boiled, and then another, and marinate. Background Chuang look, I must say scary, but they are light, airy on the outside and tender inside. It is worth mentioning the well-known Spring rolls, or spring rolls - Chung Tszyuan - a variety of vegetables, often with the addition of meat, cut into strips and wrapped in thin pancakes made from wheat or rice flour and then fried in oil. Not to forget about Cha Shao Bao - lush, disclosed a cross on top, boiled or steamed dumplings baked dough stuffed with sweet, roasted pork on the grill. Pork ribs are a great many varieties - is also one of the variations on dim sum. Here, for example, Chi Chih Paygu - pork ribs with fermented black beans - with a specific type, but tasty appetizer.

In addition, the Chinese are very fond of eggs, and in any form. All you have probably heard about the "thousand-year eggs" - a specially preserved duck eggs, or nearly black with a translucent white and dark green yolk. There are also less exotic options, such as Cha Usyan Tszidan - aromatic tea eggs with a colorful, "marble" surfaces. From the sweet varieties of dim sum, perhaps the most popular tribute Gao - cupcakes with egg custard and Mang Guo Bo Dean - like a dessert, mango pudding and milk. Be sure to try the dim sum at a Chinese restaurant scrip, or prepare yourself - your heart just will not stand in front of their charm.

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