Organo Gold Healthy Coffee

Coffee - one of the most widely consumed beverage in the world and one of the most controversial among experts and scholars on health. Coffee is so controversial that the American Society for Nutrition, at its conference at the Experimental Biology 2007 on, focused on the health effects of coffee, called "controversy session".

Among the problems with the consumption of coffee - caffeine and its acidic quality. However, there is an available coffee, which addresses these issues and actually improves the health of your immune system. It is called Healthy Coffee.

This article is not intended to promote coffee drinking, but rather to introduce a healthy alternative for those who will not give up drinking their coffee.

Because of ongoing research, decrease controversy over coffee. New evidence shows positive results.

The website of Dr. Weil, he cites a study that was done, "... Drinking coffee is not harmful to cardiovascular health and may even be somewhat useful. "In response to the question of whether the coffee is good or bad for your health, Dr. Weil says," is how coffee affects you is your most correct answer to it if you need to drink at all and, if so, how much. "

In the Medical News Today article says Dr. James Coughlin, "prodvizhki recent epidemiological and experimental knowledge have transformed many of the negative myths about health and coffee." Dr. Lenore Arab states, "A more complete analysis and the accumulation of evidence does not support negative effect on the the level of cancer. "

The article also suggests that in the future, specific types of organo gold healthy coffee can be developed that will provide improved health effects. Few know that this Healthy Coffee has already developed an alternative health community.